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About Us 

Teacher and girl siting face to face on a green carpet in a daycare playroom

EduPlay Academy Mayfield and OSC strive to ensure that all who join us feel at home and part of our family.

EduPlay Academy Mayfield is ...


Inclusive: We inspire children to grow while they attend our Childcare Centre by showing a lot of knowledge through inclusive and creativity.

Positive & sensitive: Our philosophy is based on promoting and enhancing the learning and development of children in a positive, sensitive, nurturing manner in a co-constructing learning environment.

Attentive: We address the social, emotional, and behavioral challenges through early identification and intervention strategies. 

Supportive: We promote supportive and inclusive communities for children and families.

An Extension of Your Home...

At EduPlay, we understand how tough the decision and transition can be to send your child to Child Care. We would like you to consider us as an extension of your home; a caring and nurturing place with a dedicated staff and an amazing Early Childhood Educator.

A Daycare You Can Count On! We provide opportunities for all children to develop qualities such as self-reliance, initiative, awareness of self and of others, the ability to give and follow directions, powers to judge and control impulses, and the ability to cope with failure.

Our Vision

Healthy and resilient Families strengthening our community.

Our Mission

Empowering our families through high quality childcare, community programs and resources.

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