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EduPlay Academy Mayfield and OSC  is a government-approved licensed daycare center. Learn more about our childcare services, subsidies available, programs, and more.

  • Do you have subsidies available?
    Yes! We are a licensed Daycare & Out of School Care with subsidized spaces. The Government of Alberta offers financial assistance to eligible families through the Child Care Subsidy Program. This program aims to make quality childcare more affordable and accessible for families who meet the eligibility criteria. The subsidy amount is based on factors such as family income, the number of children in care, and the type of childcare chosen. To learn more about the Child Care Subsidy Program and determine if your family qualifies, please visit the Alberta Government's website or contact our daycare center at 780-485-7602 or by email for assistance. Please note that grant and subsidy availability as well as eligibility criteria may vary. It is advisable to regularly check government websites and consult with our daycare center to stay informed about the latest grant opportunities.
  • How should I apply for Childcare Subsidy as a parent?
    Review your eligibility and apply online for the fastest processing times using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone through the Child Care Subsidy Application ( During your application, you will need to submit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Consent Applicant Declaration and Acknowledgement form ( If you have completed this form in the past, it is not necessary to fill it out again. Each subsidy starts at the beginning of the month your completed application is received. You can apply as early as the month before your child is starting childcare. For example, if your child's start date is September 1st, you can apply as early as August 1st.
  • Could you help me estimate the subsidy I am eligible for?
    Use the online subsidy estimator ( to calculate an approximate amount of subsidy your family could receive. The estimator calculates potential subsidies for families who require full-time child care (100+ hours per month for 0 to Kindergarten-age and 50+ hours for school-age). The preschool subsidy is a flat rate not based on 100 hours. Note: the information you provide in the estimator is not shared or saved.
  • Do you help with the subsidy application and the process?
    Yes! The information is provided here, We are happy to answer any questions and will help you with the process of applying.
  • What can you tell me about the Affordability Support offered by the Government? As a parent, do I need to apply for it?
    Effective January 2022, child care in Alberta will be more affordable under the new federal-provincial child care agreement. Fees will be lowered in 2 ways – expanded subsidies and affordability grants. Subsidy for children from 0 to kindergarten age (in kindergarten and also attending child care during regular school hours) has been expanded to include families with a gross household income of up to $180,000. Subsidy for children in kindergarten to Grade 6 enrolled in a licensed program outside of regular school hours remains available to families with a household income of up to $90,000. Affordability grants will also be provided directly to childcare operators so they can further lower fees for all families. Parents do not need to apply to benefit from the grant fee reduction.
  • Do you provide transportation to and back from school?
    Yes! We provide transportation to and from schools in the Mayfield (West Edmonton) area.
  • Do you provide meals?
    Yes! We provide healthy breakfast, hot lunch and nutritious snacks.
  • What are your fees/charges?
    Please call at 780-758-7529 or fill out our free registration form to speak with our director, based on your total income and your childcare needs; the fee for each child may differ, but our director will be able to help you calculate the fee and answer any questions you may have.
  • Do you accept drop ins?
    Yes! Up to 4Hrs is $10/hr anything after 4hrs is considered a full day that would be at $60/day.
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